AOMEI – Windows Backup software 2017 review

I recently had the opportunity to look through AOMEI Backupper software and decided to share some of my observations.

Firstly, we all know backup is important and whilst some folk run backup tasks on their computers daily, sadly some don't and leave themselves fully exposed to risk.

Right? we know someone who does this right! wink..

Did you know, that it is good practice to perform both system image, folder and boot images backups?

If you do then congratulations, your one of the few who understand it's importance and hopefully one of an even smaller group who find the time to do it regularly.

But who has the time you might hear said in muffled tones around the office. Well the answer is you just wont have time to not do this. When you get caught (and you will) the time lost is always far in excess of the time you think you have saved, remember a good backup strategy is automated.

The folder style of backup you find built into Windows and iOS operating systems takes copies of your information at a single point in time (which is good). However if your computer fails, you cannot restart your caught. You need to rebuild the computer, all the programs, shortcuts, setup, passwords, users, VPN, proxies, internet connection and the list goes on. Its a real nightmare a total waste your time, and totally avoidable. This is why you need a backup strategy that includes full system backup, ISO boot image, scheduled backup and more.

But good news, there are a number of great backup solutions out there and AOMEI is a great option because it is all in one solution.

It does it all! No need to buy multiple tools.

AOMEI Ranked in the top 10 for backup

AOMEI is ranked in the Top 10 Windows backup applications in the globally, especially for business users.

The product is available for all versions of Windows, and has become well established owing to it's low cost entry point and feature rich free editions. The free version bears mentioning because it contains an ideal combination of features suited to the home user, and provides a natural upgrade path for business users wishing to learn the product before they buy.


AOMEI is certainly a step up from the Windows inbuilt backup facilities, and much simpler to use and manage. You can download and install free backup software from the official AOMEI site, and supports ten languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Turkish.

IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - AOMEI - Windows Backup software 2017 review

AOMEI user interface, it is easy to understand, once opened your choices are straight forward.

Backup tab has system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup and file sync selections. Your backup approach might be for example to make a new boot disk for all PC's using the Utilities topic, then a complete system backup from the backup Tab. Thereafter more regular smaller data backups of specific working folders using the scheduled backup options in the backup tab.

IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - AOMEI - Windows Backup software 2017 review

Clone is a handy idea for backup software, in that you can clone a machine, along with its set up onto new hardware (very handy).
IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - AOMEI - Windows Backup software 2017 review
Restore tab is great as it shows the list of backups you performed so you get to choose an entire backup or cherry pick those suitable and / or their restore destination.

Utilities also provides there is the option to create a bootable image for CS, USB, ISO or image file, merge image, import/export configuration and a PXE boot tool and view logs.

IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - AOMEI - Windows Backup software 2017 review


In our tests we used the free AOMEI Backupper to backup networked PC's and Virtual PC's hosted on a QNAP NAS. Performance wise it worked perfectly, allowing us to map a network drive on the NAS as it's destination for scheduled backups which were then routinely forwarded to external cloud storage for additional security.

We created bootable ISO images because they can be easily converted to USB or DVD to rebuild a damaged computer. These bootable ISO images were then stored on the QNAP NAS and mirrored onto external re-writable DVD storage quite easily.

In all the AOMEI  worked well and was easy to integrate into our broader backup and redundancy plans. The best part is however that many backup applications over complicate their user interfaces and once the backup is scheduled you have no reason to go back and use the software frequently. As a consequence its easy to forget where things are. However AOMEI was nice and simple, and easy to navigate you way round even when you may not of used it for several months.

All up 5 Stars from Product Scene, AOMEI is all you need it to be and wont try to be what you don't need it to be.


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