Corporate Data Backup Strategy Update 2017

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Solutions for online backup, backup of your server,  backup offsite storage, backup as a service, enterprise backup solutions, backup to cloud, online storage, data backup services or any of the many ways it can be described, the fundamental requirement is reliable long term protection of the corporate information essential to business sustainability.

When it comes to Backup solutions for any corporation there are no shortage of options.

Broadly speaking there is; self hosted on premise Data centre, Cloud storage providers, and Hybrid Cloud/on premise combinations.

From the equipment standpoint there are also a myriad of options.

Equipment Selection

Tape backup solutions were in the past capable of managing the backup of an entire organization, but today with the larger capacity speed and frequency of data changes, on line 24x7 nature of data, tapes are not as all encompassing as they once were, but can still play a role in the backup for fixed information such as network shared files and databases.
The key to Corporate Data Management is the strategy, which is a plan set out on the basis of the reliability, usage and availability of current technologies within your organization, coupled with the practical needs of the business units. In short combining the available technologies with common sense is best practice.

Server manufacturers offer backup options in the form of SAN or NAS devices with production servers, and there are a myriad of products that offer features to manage backup and recovery of networks, databases and mobile devices.

Today modern smartNAS devices are those that don't only provide high data storage capacities. Your selection criteria should include the data transfer speeds on and off the device, between the NAS and other servers, to and from external cloud services, and the ability to be used as a hybrid/private cloud in conjunction with external cloud services to simplify secure storage in multiple locations.

Business Strategy Cloud technologies IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - Corporate Data Backup Strategy Update 2017

Example: Ultimate Archive Structure


High capacity NAS devices such as those from QNAP come with large storage capacity and excellent file-transfer speeds to greatly assist businesses on efficient backup tasks. In addition to being a backup center, the NAS can also have its data backed up to external storage devices, remote servers, and third-party cloud backup services.


Alternate NAS devices located in external offices provide local Network and file sharing in that location as well as contributing to the overall backup strategy by retaining copies of the files and data used at other sites in the network.


Transfer speed within office network

Business Strategy Cloud technologies IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - Corporate Data Backup Strategy Update 2017

Another key requirement often overlooked is the speed at which storage devices move large parcels of information.

If while moving files between storage devices during a busy working day, processes are bogging down networks, slowing databases and user interfaces it is not serving the companies best interests. However, if the NAS devices can use separate 10GB or thunderbolt (40GB) networks users will be isolated from the effect of these processes and any on line databases can take advantage of these high speed networks to improve response time of the companies on line resources.

Business Strategy Cloud technologies IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - Corporate Data Backup Strategy Update 2017


Used correctly the Free - Data Management Pack also helps you to solve many of the common problems with slow WiFi speed, response or consistency of service experienced by many organizations.

Inter-Operability with existing infrastructure

Business Strategy Cloud technologies IT Systems and Networking Network Access Storage  - Corporate Data Backup Strategy Update 2017

All corporate networks have pre-existing machines and equipment that needs to remain in place and serve out its life span.

Any new equipment introduced into this environment should use and leverage these existing assets, and act as the catalyst in merging existing systems into a new Data Management strategy.

Most modern NAS/SAN devices have the capability to act s the gateway between all the various technologies and can draw upon Open Source to provide high quality commercial grade applications to fill in the gaps and integrate systems.



Backup and Redundancy Strategy is Essential

The key to a successful backup and recovery is a plan that encompasses the practical realities of business. For example duplicate information in backups, backup of information that is already corrupted, restoring to last known good state, information use by date, file dependency (file is only useful if another the linked file was backed up at exactly the same time).
FREE Corporate Data Management Pack containing:

  • Corporate data management – State of Play
  • Business unit storage size, frequency of change, recovery speed planner
  • Security, Role and compliance planner
  • Equipment, Storage medium and Cloud provider selection
  • Data management planning and costing sheet
  • Reporting, disaster recovery simulation and governance

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Additional information:

Specialist providers

NAS devices can be purchased through a number of on line websites, but what is new is the emergence of companies that specialize in set up, configuration and delivery of a NAS ready to be used within your organization. The NAS can often be used for more than backup and storage, so companies like smikbox provide a worthwhile service to select, setup and delivery a working NAS ready to use.


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