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On September 20, 2016
Last modified:September 6, 2017


Welcome to our new website.

The goal for this blog is to provide our readers with the information to make best use of new innovation. Sometimes technology can be overwhelming or just time consuming to master.

We are not a testing or research body, just a team of tech savvy and experienced individuals from a variety of industries that feel compelled to share what we have learned when using or reviewing products and services in varied circumstances.

The goal is of course to help you find your own path to the best practice for use of any technology and by imparting our observations we hope to assist you in this. If and when you find your own version of best practice we hope you will come back and share that with our readership through this site.

Please enjoy, and ideas are gratefully accepted.



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  1. Hi,
    Congratulations on your site going live, hope to see it filling out with some of those articles your team has been collecting over the past few weeks.

    When its ready call me and I will send out an email to my community as a few of those articles are relevant to them right now.


    PS: It’s best to get the Commenter avatars from Gravatar.

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