Not gaming the Google Algorithm – A positive step for everyone!

My quick vote on Google Algorithm Updates

Whilst the practice of SEO is not subject to any industry standard or governing body, it is nevertheless a fascinating subject for those with the time or the financial incentive to learn.

In the past SEO practices including manufacturing of traffic and back links were the only real method available to obtain higher search engine rankings.

However, today we live in a world where Google appears to be spearheading the charge to tightened up the practices and the search engines are trying their best to impose a higher standard of best practices in relation to internet marketing.

I have made an attempt to "catch up" with the state of the art over the last few weeks, I have read and watched every blog or video I could lay my hands on in an attempt to weed out what is old (chasing only rankings) and new approaches to SEO. As you would expect just about every site claims to of had success with one or two methods and so I have gone ahead and conducted some experiments based on the advise provided to see if these new practices will work. The results are not clear yet, it will take at least 3 months for the outcome to be apparent and I may perhaps report back then. But that's not what this post is about.

Cloud technologies Marketing and Communications  - Not gaming the Google Algorithm - A positive step for everyone!

The aim of Google (who I believe receive the majority of their revenue from advertising) is to provide a better service to their customers. The customers are people searching for information so this goal means that when you or I go looking for something we find it quickly, and are not plagued by useless, meaningless on page advertising and content that has no bearing on what we are looking for.

So that's a good thing right!

Taking a step back it's a really a good thing to clean up the practices. It's not such a long time ago that where ever you went on line there were spamming pages, broken links and overly optimized and duplicated content. It wasted a lot of my time, I don't know if you agree?

I remember the years prior to 2014. No one wants to go back to having annoying pop ups and useless pages, it just destroys the experience and wastes industry time and money.

So for my vote, I say this is a change that is needed and should be embraced. We have been given the solution which is to focus on providing quality content on keyword researched topics that people want to hear about, so I congratulate those that are embracing the change and diverting their efforts away from "gaming the system" and to focus on building competencies into their firms, which produce quality content that people actually want!

Cloud technologies Marketing and Communications  - Not gaming the Google Algorithm - A positive step for everyone!

Your TURN to Vote!

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