The Cost Of Mobile Technology On Youth

Technology is a wonderful thing. I Love it!
It helps us with tedious tasks, makes our lives easier, entertains and stimulates our imagination.

These days when using public transport the most common sight is a row of people with their heads inside a video or chat session on their phone. No one really interacts with those around them any more; the best you could expect is for someone to look over your shoulder at the video you are playing.

Kids are learning social norms from videos and movies or fabricated social situations played out in a perfect environment for entertainment, and whilst for us older folk these movies do provide us with some light relief from the harsh realities of life, for our children I wonder if it is setting unrealistic expectations of what they could expect life to serve up to them?

Today you can pull out your phone and ask Google for information on just about anything. Just ten years ago most students spend a good deal of time in a library doing research for their studies. It could be argued that we are losing these investigative skills, but in truth if we are we are replacing those with skills at finding things through technological means.

But what really concerns me is where technology is gradually replacing social skills, and with that shift also removing opportunities to build understanding and trust. Once upon a time we called this “street wise”, which was a person’s ability to measure up the circumstance and make good choices. Today our kids are being fed with scenario’s full of choices made with the moral fibre of the entertainment industry, which will by its nature choose to manoeuvre  consumer behaviour to its own advantage.

Shareholders will expect this, and it is to be expected that the media industry will deliver in either the short or long term.

So this leaves me thinking where will that leave our children, or indeed the young adults who have already grown into decision makers and advisers within our industries.

If these folk grow up with little or no ability to observe read and understand human nature, will it breed a new social order that is open to misunderstanding, war, segregation, discrimination, prejudice and all those other "nasties" the prior generations have been busy trying to overcome?

I was curious to see how many others shared my concerns and subsequently created a Quick Public Quiz on 1st-quiz entitled "The effects of mobile technology on our youth" where if you have a moment I would appreciate your contributing any thoughts you might have in relation to this topic. If you’re a little shy you can still visit 1st-Quiz and look at the feedback provided by others on this topic.
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